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      Hello from Luxembourg!

      By examining the gameplans posted on the FIRST Global site, I noticed some differences in the plans and the video posted.

      One major difference is that the plan shows that the lower goal base from the processing barge is held by an alu structure with 4 poles, but in the video, the lower goal only features 2 poles (the rear ones, attached to the transparent seperator wall).

      Also, some measures are missing, like the top goal triangular structure. The plan also says that “Top goal is netting”, hence the video shows a solid structure.

      Could you please help me out here by posting measurements and giving the correct strucutre used in the game please? Thanks in advance for your help!

      Best regards!

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      The drawings take precedence over the video. Additional vertical supports were added after the video was recorded to reinforce the structure for the weight of the hanging robots. The top will have netting. More detailed drawings of the field will be released (as soon as this weekend) that have better measurements.

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      Hello Stephanie,

      Please, you are saying that more detailed drawings of the field will be released soon, with better measurements.
      Kindly, if its out, let us know.

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