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      Hello there. I’m Fatma from Team Tunisia.

      We would like to share with you some of our brainstorming about constraints and challenging factors in the 2019 FIRST Global Challenge.
      It’s important to keep them all in mind when designing. Here is a highlight of some of them:

      – Robots must start the match within a 50 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm volume.
      – Teams must only use official REV Robotics products (with a few exceptions) and that is within the permitted quantity.
      – Not all component modifications are allowed.
      – Designs that could potentially put the safety of others at risk or damage other robots and game elements aren’t allowed.

      Challenging factors:
      – Scoring in the recycle or recovery processing barge levels requires precision from the drivers, a reliable shooter mechanism, and a well-programmed sensor (Vuforia).
      – Full docking will result in the robot losing its balance if the center of gravity isn’t well-placed.
      – In the elevated docking, the lighter the robot the smoother the docking is. A heavy robot may put itself at risk of falling or not even hanging.

      If you have anything to add, you are welcome to do so!
      Team Tunisia hopes this was of help and wishes you the best of luck!

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      Thanks for sharing!

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