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      if the pollutant was put in any barge level and then accidentally was (moved out – fell down ) for any reason like when another pollutant hit it or being moved with a robot arm …etc
      will the team get points for it or must the pollutant remain in the barge until the end of the game to get points

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      Points for POLLUTANTS are scored based on their final location at the end of the MATCH.

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      Hello from team Greece. In 4.3 of the Game Manual:
      “If ranking points are tied at the conclusion of Ranking MATCHES, the next factor for determining which teams advance to the Playoff MATCHES is the total score from all of the team’s previous MATCHES, with the highest total scores advancing”.
      The “total score” is the alliance score, isn’t it?
      Is there a score tab for each alliance robot? (to count how many points a robot scores)
      What I am getting is that at the end of the match the judges will count the pollutants placed and
      sum up the alliance’s points, which will also be every separate alliance’s team points, right?

      Teamwork makes the dream work!
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