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      Hi, i am from Team Moldova, we have an issue with the tablet!
      When we control the robot from the tablet sometimes (every 2-3 minutes) the joysticks lock, so the tablet thinks that a button is always pressed and the robot always does whatever we programmed to do when we press that button. We tried with 3 tablets from 2017, 2018, 2019 and with 4 joysticks and with all we get the same result. But when we control our robot from a phone everything works fine.
      We observed that this error only happens when we hold the button for a long time (4-5 seconds). Stopping and restarting the program does not fix this problem. To fix this we have to unplug and plug back the joystick and restart the first global app.
      Currently our robot is programmed in blockly, we haven’t tried yet with java, but we don’t think that the problem is in the code.
      What can we do to fix this issue?

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      You will receive a response via email from support@first.global.

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