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      Hello Teams,

      Last week we had a software problem. We couldn’t see the sample resources FGC provided, therefore we contacted FGC and they told us that our control hub software is outdated. They provided us with the following steps to follow to update the control hub.

      Here is the message we received from FGC.

      “This is actually already a known issue (though we still want your robotControllerLog.txt file so that we can figure out why you were running the wrong version of the Robot Controller app in the first place).

      Here are instructions to restore your Control Hub to the correct app version. I’m sorry that they are so long, and require a monitor, mouse, and keyboard. If you don’t have easy access to those, let us know, and we’ll give you instructions to update the app via the command line.

      · Turn on your Control Hub and plug it into a computer

      · Copy FirstGlobalRC-2019.0.1.apk to the Control Hub

      · Connect an HDMI monitor and USB mouse and keyboard to the Control Hub

      · Turn the Control Hub off and on again

      · Once you see that the Robot Controller app has loaded, right-click to exit the Robot Controller app

      · Click on the settings gear twice to open settings

      · Click “Apps”

      · Click “FTC Robot Controller”

      · Click “Uninstall”, then press Enter on your keyboard, then click “OK”

      · Right-click to go back to the setting sidebar.

      · Scroll down in the settings sidebar (use the scroll wheel or click and drag upwards), and click “More Settings”

      · Scroll down in the Settings app and click “Storage”

      · Scroll down and click “Explore”

      · Double-click on the tile that says “FirstGlobal…”

      · Click “Install” in the lower right corner

      · Turn the Control Hub off and on again”

      Thank you
      Team Germany

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      Teams should not attempt to follow these instructions unless directed by FIRST Global support. The Control Hubs that shipped to teams should already be running the correct version of the software.

      Mohammed, have you sent us the robotControllerLog.txt file we asked for? We want to try to find out how you got a Control Hub with the wrong software installed.

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